What Can You Do at a Church Youth Group?

Church youth groups are a time-honored tradition for teenagers around the world. They are an event where teenagers meet, usually once a week, to talk about almost anything. While almost all youth groups in the church focus primarily on faith-based activities, those activities can vary widely from place to place. From cooking classes and movie nights to music nights and arts and crafts, there are plenty of fun activities that can be enjoyed in a church youth group.

Faith discussions, night around the campfire, baking classes, and babysitting night are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed in a church youth group. One popular game that can be played in a church youth group is called 'Starburst'. This game requires a bag of Starburst candy, as well as duct tape or chalk for the sidewalk. Make a target on the ground with a few rings, almost like a bow and arrow target.

Have the children pair up and each person will receive 10 candies. You have 10 chances to hit the target and get the points where the candy lands. The winner receives a prize or goes on to play with other winners. Another game that can be played in a church youth group is called 'Biblical Trivia'. The participants meet and the first person chooses a question and the other people have to answer.

There are 12 questions and the children go around the room rolling the dice and answering the question next to the number they throw. The leader has a biblical figure or episode in mind and the group asks questions. If you can guess the answer in 5 questions you get 20 points, between 6 and 10 questions - 15 points, 11- 15 questions - 10 points and 16 - 20 questions - 5 points. A third game that can be played in a church youth group is called 'Biblical Football'. The group is divided into 2 and there is a football field drawn on a piece of paper.

The first team is asked a biblical question and, if answered correctly, they get 10 yards. Keep playing like the rules of football and decide when the game ends. Finally, another game that can be played in a church youth group is called 'Biblical Timer'. Set a timer to answer questions. The Youth Group by nature forces conversations on a much more intimate level than most other settings.

This will involve someone other than an adult leader and, potentially, will make way for a more attractive time for the rest of the young people as well. For this youth group game, it's very important that you get to know your students and choose those who thrive under the spotlight. If you've never been to church or a youth group and are considering it for the first time, you'll likely have a game night, small group discussions, reading the Bible together, and maybe some worship music (singing together) or a short talk from one of the youth leaders. When you're looking for something spiritual but not boring, consider playing one of these games to get kids focused and excited about learning. Even if you feel that you are struggling to organize something each week and striving to create games and activities for new and interesting youth groups, remember that it's about creating opportunities to bring children to Christ, love them well, and showing them that you care enough to plan something for them. The church usually leaves a lot of random tasks on youth pastors, because they are young and full of energy. My advice would be to approach it with an open mind.

A youth group game can be a fun activity for students to play to break any barriers that make them feel uncomfortable or shy so they can get to know each other.