What do youth pastors do during the week?

Every week, a youth ministry meets to teach, worship, study the Bible and conduct outreach activities. The youth pastor can teach weekly Bible study at church or organize more informal Bible studies during the week. In some churches, the youth pastor may act as administrator of the Sunday school program and may also organize activities such as Bible school during summer vacation. I will offer you the core components of a productive youth ministry and encourage you to implement them as you see fit.

To be successful in this field, a youth pastor must relate well to adolescents and be able to maintain their interest in church-related activities. Reviewing some of the basic youth pastor tasks will help you better prepare for this line of work and will allow you to see if this career path is right for you. More than 150 young people gathered at the Ridge Haven Conference Center from February 13 to 16 to celebrate World Youth Awareness Weekend (YOWAW). Now, I'm not Doug Fields, but here's a window into what used to be my week of work as a youth pastor (approximately).

Personal development is about “refining yourself behind the scenes” of the self that continuously prepares you for youth ministry leadership. The youth pastor can organize the youth group and schedule Bible studies, parties for youth groups and outings such as ski trips and mission trips. Youth pastors spend a lot of time with young people, especially teenagers, to offer them spiritual guidance. A youth pastor must be able to maintain confidentiality and give advice in a way that doesn't push teens away.

In January, fifteen youth pastors from across the country met at Covenant Seminary to discuss the problems faced by youth ministry in the PCA. Before arriving at the entrance of my house, I had decided that, regardless of whether it was their responsibility to know me or not, I needed to be more proactive in telling people who I was and what the youth program was doing. If I could offer any advice to youth managers based on my parking error, it would be to make sure that they constantly communicate to the rest of the staff, the elderly and parents who you are, what you do and what happens in the youth program. That's why I think that a little preventive maintenance in this area can go a long way to avoiding potential conflicts and could keep a few more young managers employed.

Youth pastors must also model the characteristics that are important to the church in their personal and professional lives.