What is the Goal of a Youth Group?

Youth groups have a variety of purposes, from educational and developmental to social and community-building. They provide an opportunity for young people to transition from adolescence to adulthood, while also encouraging personal growth and offering activities. Ultimately, the goal of a youth group is to help young people grow in their relationship with God and become faithful followers of Christ. In order for the body of Christ to grow, it is essential to start with the future of the church: young people.

The church itself benefits from this, as well as the congregation. Some youth ministries combine student ministry with other responsibilities such as “youth and family” or “student ministry and worship.” Youth pastors like Luchenbill believe that youth ministry should work together with parents to see students transformed by the power of the gospel. This publication is part of a series that presents the findings of the Fuller Youth Institute's Developing Character and Virtue in Youth Ministry project, funded by a planning grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Youth pastors don't need to keep up with students on the basketball court, but they do need to engage with them, talk to them, and encourage them.

Intergenerational ministry is essential for helping teens stay connected to the church after they finish high school. When organizing youth ministry activities, it is important to make sure that young people are in the spotlight and that their opinion is taken into account. Church youth groups bridge the gap between younger and older generations by passing on knowledge and wisdom. Youth workers should be aware of their goals and objectives when carrying out youth ministry.