Youth ministry group names?

Dedicated, determined and driven; A, R, M, And Anointed Young Mighty Reigning; Remain. Read on to choose the perfect name from this list of over 150 amazing names for high school youth ministries along with acronyms for youth group names. For more awesome articles about Kidadl, check out cool nicknames for boys and group chat names. Instead of giving you a big list, think about your city, suburb, or community and reflect on whether that could be a good component of a youth group's name.

These are great names for youth groups that will have a wide range of ministerial approaches, or if they don't want to commit strongly to a descriptor of the type of ministry that will take place in the group. Then include it in all youth-related materials and print it on t-shirts for group members and volunteers. If you choose this name, you might think of calling the group “Rooted”, but you can also use phrases like “Rooted Youth” or “Rooted Students”. Perhaps your youth group is known throughout the congregation and community for carrying out certain service projects or raising funds.

Or maybe your youth group is doing very well and students have been asking that the group be given a cool new name so that everyone can stop referring to it simply as “The Youth Group.” Willow Creek takes a more traditional approach and uses a creative name, “Raise” for its high school youth group and its high school is called “Impact on the Student” or “Impact” for short. Because without naming a youth group, your youth group can't gain followers on social media or gain popularity. But remember one thing before you launch your youth group in your city or state, you must give your group a good name. For example, if several of your students have friends in another youth group in town called “Youth of Extreme Discipleship” (a terrible name, by the way), you will most likely hear students come up with ideas from names like “Youth of Nervous Discipleship.” The list of possible youth group names goes on and on, so don't feel limited by the options shared here.

A group of young people is a very energetic group and they want to help everyone in their country who is suffering at a difficult time. I have been involved in the appointment of a handful of youth groups and have compiled this list based on my own experience and my wisdom gained on the topic of youth group names. For example, if you want your youth group to be a place to prepare students for the future, you might like the phrase “Crossroads.